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This confidential document is an excerpt from the strategic business plan. It contains statistical assumptions and predictive financial information
Business Propectus
This confidential document contains the definitions for share holder partnerships and detailed descriptions of all shareholder benefits. 
Shareholder Benefits
This NEW slide presentation is a bird's eye view of our vision. It covers a brief history of Alamance County and Swepsonville with a business summary of our future plans.
Our Vision - Project Presentation
This historical document is a comprehensive historical journal compiled by Carly McDaniels and Roy Newton.
Virginia Mills History
Swepsonville, NC History
This public document is a detailed historical account of the formation of the town of Swepsonville NC, where FRESH Carolina, LLC is located.
This confidential document contains the minutes of the latest FRESH Carolina, LLC Board meeting, which took place on:
Saturday, November 17, 2018
Board Meeting Minutes
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